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The best advice on finding the right college comes from students who attend Washington and Lee. "Do the research," they say over and over. The school you choose should fit you as well your senior year as it does your freshman year. Washington and Lee has earned a reputation as a place unique and apart in the national education scene for many reasons. The depth and breadth of its curriculum, combining the traditional liberal arts with preprofessional programs in business and journalism; the student-run Honor System; the emphasis on leadership, integrity and service and the close-knit community explain why so many students don't want to leave the W&L campus after graduation.


Washington and Lee offers 41 undergraduate majors in the liberal arts and sciences, pre-professional and interdepartmental areas. Our undergraduate program consists of two divisions with a single admissions process:

The College The College
Of the 41 different majors W&L offers, 37 of them fall into The College of Arts and Sciences, the division of the University that includes the freshman year and advanced work in the humanities, natural sciences, mathematics, computer science and certain social sciences. The journalism program--the only one of its kind at a nationally ranked liberal arts institution--is part of the College as well, offering sequences in electronic journalism, print journalism, business journalism and communications.

While Washington and Lee is commonly thought of for journalism, business, English and history, fully one-fourth of our students major in the natural sciences. Others take advantage or our newly constructed visual and performing arts complex, the Lenfest Center for the Arts, to pursue majors in studio art, art history, music and theater.

The Williams SchoolThe Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics
The Williams School offers majors in accounting, business administration, economics, and politics. It is the smallest fully-accredited undergraduate business school in the nation, and the only one at a top-twenty liberal arts institution.

In addition to coursework, opportunities in the Williams School such as the Williams Investment Society, Washington and Lee Student Consulting, the Washington Term Program and the New York Program in International Finance and Commerce provide excellent preparation for students to work in the fields of finance, accounting, politics and business after graduation.

All students are enrolled in the College during their freshman year. Although each has its own faculty and is administered by its own dean, there is a close relationship between the College and the Williams school, and students are free to take electives in each during their time at Washington and Lee.

This unique combination of traditional liberal arts and preprofessional offerings gives students at W&L the ability to study with the resources and diversity of a major research university, all housed in an intimate setting where their average class will only have fifteen students and the professor teaching that class will actually know their name.

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