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Printing from a Macintosh

Installing the PaperCut Software Client on a Macintosh Computer: Instructions for Students

Student Printing

Setting up Papercut on an Apple

Step 1- ADD PCClient (PC is short for PaperCut in this context)

• Go to, and open it on your computer.

NOTE: For Mavericks users, please change your security settings temporarily to allow the Papercut Client to run (Finder > System Preferences > Security > General > change "Allow applications" to "Anywhere".

   Copy downloaded PCClient to Applications folder
    (Finder >Go-> Applications)


Start the application and fill in your network username and password and check the box indicating that you want it to remember your identity:

• Go to Apple icon-> System Preferences > Users and Groups
• Make sure lock is unlocked to allow changes
• Choose your username > click Login Items > click PLUS sign
• In the popup finder window, go to Applications-> scroll down to PCClient in the list and click Add




• Relock the lock if desired
• Restart the computer
• Papercut may prompt you for username and credentials. If you do not wish to see this prompt upon restarting, check the box for "remember my identity". If no such prompt occurs, continue to next step.
You should see this PCClient icon in the upper right of your screen




Install the correct Print driver for your computer 

Download the correct driver for OS 10.7 here

Download the correct driver for OS 10.8 here

Download the correct driver for OS 10.9 here

• Go to Apple Icon -> System Preferences > Print & Scan > make sure lock is unlocked > click plus sign
• Hold CONTROL and at the top of the Add Printer toolbar > click Customize Toolbar >.

• Drag the  "Advanced" icon to the toolbar


• Click on Advanced in the toolbar
• Fill in the fields as follows

     o Type: Windows printer via spools
     o URL: smb://
     o Name: [can be anything, eg."Student Printers"...]
     o Print Using:   Konica Minolta C364 PS



• Click Add, Printer will configure,



  • On the next screen, check the "Duplex printer unit" box -> OK
  • Click continue
  • Go back to System preferences -> Print & Scan
  • Select your BizHub from the list of Printers

               On the right, click on Options & Supplies  Select Driver tab to configure the printer:

o   Model:   C284 or C364

o   Paper Source Unit:  PC-410

o   Finisher:   FS-534

o   Punch Unit:  PK-519 (2/3-Hole)

o   Click on OK.



NOTE: Send one test page through any application and you will see a prompt for a network login. Put in ad\(your username) as the username and your W&L network password. Click box to save credentials in keychain.

Step 3- TO PRINT

Open the document you wish to print.
File-> print, select the printer you added,"Student Printing"
Make any settings changes to your print job and hit PRINT.
You will see this message on your screen:


You may now go to ANY public printer either in the Law School, Elrod Commons or Leyburn Library, login or swipe your card and retrieve your print job(s).