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More Research on Acropora sp.

Belize 2013

Professor Lisa Greer returned to Ambergris Caye, Belize for her 3rd consecutive summer to continue her coral reef monitoring project.  Accompanied by geology majors Candice Stefanic ('15), Elizabeth Elium ('15), Arthur Stier ('15), and Biology major and HHMI scholar Adele Irwin ('15), she documented live coral abundance, coral and algae genetics, and environmental data at a reef populated by the endangered Acropora sp. corals.  The research resulted in data of continuous hourly temperature, salinity, light data monitors on the reef, high resolution GPS data for mapping changes in reef perimeter, and detailed photographic data for up to three years on some portions of the reef.  The research has required a combination of disciplines:  Geology, Biology, and Computer Science.  Professor Greer enjoyed using all three areas of study to carry out the research.  She hopes and plans to continue working on this coral reef.

In addition to her work on Acropora sp., Professor Greer worked with student Emilyn Gjertson ('16) and alumnae Whitney Doss ('07) to revive and continue a project on the geochemical history of 5,000 year old serpulid worm reefs that Whitney began for her senior thesis.