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#1 Lab Science

Advice for Students Seeking to Fulfill the FDR SL Requirement

Please note that the Science Departments are stretched thin in their ability to provide enough seats in introductory level courses for science majors while also accommodating demand for students who need to fulfill their FDR SL. The following advice is intended to help you find an appropriate course that fits your needs.

1. Research the course offerings. Some science departments offer separate SL courses for majors and non-majors. (For example, Chem 110 for majors, Chem 100 for non-majors). Others offer courses that are suitable for both groups of students. (For example, 100 Level Geology courses, Biol 111/113). Read the catalog description. Some of the courses in the latter category require you to get permission from the appropriate chair PRIOR TO THE START OF REGISTATION so that they can properly allocate seats between major and non-major students. In such cases, you should contact the appropriate chair one week before registration begins. This is particularly true for upper class students. Failure to do so may mean that you cannot get into the class.

2. Try to take your FDR SL early. Due to the large demand placed by potential science majors who need to start their science sequence early, some FDR SL courses limit the number of spaces for upper class students (particularly juniors and seniors). For example, most 100 level geology courses give priority to FYs and sophomores. Delaying until your junior or senior year may limit your options at a time when you have the least flexibility due to your major requirements.

3. Be flexible. Science departments are pushed to their limits in the long terms, but many have created non-major FDR SL courses in the spring term (although offerings do vary year to year). In addition, please note that some departments can accommodate more students in one term than another. For example, Biol 111/113 can accommodate more upper class students in the winter term because most fall seats are reserved for science majors.