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August 1, 2014 Matriculation Email

W&L Fall Matriculation and REQUIRED check-in for new undergraduates

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Subject: W&L Fall course registration timelines, processes, and training

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To all new First-Years in the Class of 2017,

The new academic year is approaching rapidly, and you are ready, we're sure, to start working on your registration for fall courses. The following is an overview of the timeline and resources. If you haven't already begun, start reading and planning now.

Many links from University Registrar's website,, will help you understand academic requirements and policies and register for classes. Remember, new First-Year students do NOT register for classes until Orientation and W&L has no "preregistration" process

First-Year (FY) Student Registration during Orientation

  • Registration occurs during Orientation
  • View the "Course Offering List" now either at (no password required) or in WebAdvisor (password required), especially those with the Course Type 'AFY', Appropriate for First-Years
  • Review WebAdvisor Search for Classes, Test Summary, and Course Registration screens
  • Begin adding sections of interest to your Preferred Sections List in WebAdvisor. You must build this list, since you will use this list to register during Orientation. Feel free to add as many sections as you like (within reason, since more than 200 will crash your account). Think about alternatives, both in content and times. For example, if you are interested in ECON 101 or must take WRIT 100, add all sections to your Preferred Sections list, since you will want to be able to easily change times if your first choice closes.
  • Don't eliminate 'Closed' courses from consideration because many departments save spots for FYs and these are not yet reflected in the active course limits. Additional seats available for FYs are added the weekend before Orientation in preparation for your registration.

Fall registration timeline: including the First-Year registration process; is posted at Documents/registrar/registration/Timeline_Students_Fall.pdf .

Monday, Sep. 2

  • Attend the required "Introduction to Registration" training session with your RA in order to be trained about the WebAdvisor registration system.
  • Attend the Academic Fair and meet with your initial faculty adviser over lunch and into the afternoon to help plan your fall schedule.
  • Register for one open class (Pick One) in the afternoon. The "Pick One" can include a 3-credit lecture and any associated 1-credit lab, totaling up to 4 credits.

Tuesday, Sep. 3

  • Complete your registration for a full-time load (minimum 12 credits in four regular courses) at your adviser's office at a time assigned randomly and posted on your WebAdvisor Holds and Registration Approval screen. You must meet with your faculty adviser at the designated time Tuesday morning in order to register
  •  If you do not have a full-time course load by 12 noon on Tuesday, you will be invited to meet with an academic dean in the early afternoon to complete your schedule.
  • You should register for a full course load on Tuesday morning. If you do not have a full course load and hope to make changes during drop/add, you will be able to add yourself to waiting lists beginning Tuesday at noon.

Wednesday, Sep. 4: Classes begin at 8 am. ATTEND YOUR THURSDAY CLASSES.

IMPORTANT READING FOR THE COMING WEEKS: Registration Resources for New Students on the University Registrar's Website

Academic Catalog: the primary source of faculty policies, requirements for degrees, majors and minors, and course information. Use the catalog's My Portfolio option to bookmark courses, programs, and policies in which you are interested.

Foundation and Distribution Requirements (FDRs): the general education requirements for graduation, usually completed during the first two years

Curricular Advice for New Students: registration recommendations from academic departments for subjects of interest along with a summary of relevant academic policies

First-Year Course Selection Guide: a step-by-step guide to approaching your fall term course choices

Course offerings list: a term-by-term listing of current and past course sections offered, including meeting times, days, and rooms, instructor, expected course capacities (versus the current active limit). Click the section link for course descriptions from the Catalog, prerequisites, and a link to the University Store and the books required for each section. Filter on Type, AFY = Appropriate for First-Year Students to narrow the list.

AP/ IB / W&L Placement Test Results and Registration Recommendations: summarizes departmental policies and registration recommendations for W&L placement test results and course equivalencies earned from Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate credit. Reminder: Look on WebAdvisor, Test Summary. If you do not see scores posted (all AP scores should be listed and all higher-level IB scores are listed), then it means we have not yet received an AP score report or IB diploma. The College Board occasionally sends AP scores from one year and not another, so be sure that all of your tests are shown. If something is missing, you must contact the appropriate testing authority to request that these official scores be sent to us (see for AP contact information and for IB contact information). Scores reported on high school transcripts or on student score reports are not acceptable.

Registration Help for Students: WebAdvisor registration instructions for First-Years, both for Orientation and beyond.

Transfer credit (including dual enrollment): Since not having all of your credit in your record will affect your eligibility to register for certain W&L courses, please have delivered to us as soon as possible all forms and official transcripts, syllabi and other documents. Everything we receive by August 15 will be evaluated before Orientation. Use the First-Year Student Credit Transfer Request form to requesting transfer credit for other university-level work you have completed.

Questions? Please contact the University Registrar's office at 540.458.8455 or

Scott Dittman
University Registrar
Washington and Lee University
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tel: 540.458.8455 fax: 540.458.8045