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July 26, 2014 External Credit Email

Getting credit at W&L for your work elsewhere (AP, IB, transfer, etc)

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Subject: getting credit at W&L for your work elsewhere (AP, IB, etc.)

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To all new First-Years in the Class of 2018,

The University Registrar's office has posted the credit awarded by W&L for all results received to date from both the College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB), higher-level exams. View your record and the W&L course credit in your WebAdvisor account under the Test Summary and Academic Course History screens. You can also run a Degree Audit in WebAdvisor to see how course credits satisfy Foundation and Distribution Requirements (FDR). The degree audit is how you will track your graduation requirements throughout your W&L career.

Missing scores: If you do not see scores posted (all AP scores should be listed and all higher-level IB scores are listed), then it means we have not yet received an AP score report or IB diploma. The College Board occasionally sends AP scores from one year and not another, so be sure that all of your tests are shown. If something is missing, you must contact the appropriate testing authority to request that these official scores be sent to us (see for AP contact information and for IB contact information).

Please note: Students are responsible for having official score reports sent directly to W&L from the testing authority (College Board, IB, etc.). It is critical for your fall course registration to have these official scores processed by W&L University Registrar's Office prior to fall registration in order to avoid being stopped for missing prerequisites. Scores reported on high school transcripts or on student score reports are not acceptable.

Transfer credit (dual enrollment): Remember to check the Curricular Advice for New Students page at for how to request transfer credit for other university-level work you have completed. Get it to us by August 15 so it can be evaluated in time for the fall registration during Orientation Week.

Last date to receive credit for work done before entering W&L: All paperwork related to AP, IB, transfer and other work for new students must be in the University Registrar's Office no later than the last day of fall-term classes, Friday, December 12, 2014.

Related polices:

External credit upon entry to W&L: Entering first-year students may receive a maximum of 28 credits from any and all non-W&L courses (AP, IB, college courses while in high school, etc.). Of the 28, no more than nine credits may be counted toward the requirements for a particular major with departmental approval; individual departments may set a limit of less than nine credits counted toward the major. (Catalog,

Total external credit toward W&L degree: No more than 56 of the 113 credits required for the W&L degree may be earned elsewhere or by any other means than through courses offered at W&L or through formal exchanges (e.g. VMI, Mary Baldwin, Spelman, etc.). W&L does not give credit for courses taken online. First-year incoming credits, transfer credits, courses taken abroad, etc. will not count in the 57 credits to be taken at W&L. (Catalog,

Questions: If you have any questions, please contact us at

Scott Dittman
University Registrar
Washington and Lee University  web:
tel: 540.458.8455 fax: 540.458.8045