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Washington and Lee University

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Generals' Challenge

Generals Lead, They Don't Follow

A group of W&L alumni, including Trustees, Emeritus Trustees, and current and past Alumni Board members, feels strongly that Generals should lead and not follow. Accordingly, they have joined together to fund a Challenge to increase W&L's undergraduate giving participation to 55% by June 30, 2015. By building greater participation among our alumni this year and the next two years, W&L will be in the top tier in alumni giving among its peers. A leadership position, where Generals should be.

We have been challenged to reach the following alumni participation rates:

2013 - 53%

 2014 - 54%

2015 - 55%

Each year that we reach the target participation goal, W&L leaders will give an additional $250,000 to the Annual Fund.

Here is what $250,000 can provide to our students:

Ten Graduation Prizes and Awards
Ten Study Abroad Experiences 
Eight On-Campus Summer Research Opportunities  
Six Off-Campus Research Internships 
One Week of Campus Utilities

The Generals' Challenge allows W&L alumni to show their sense of pride and loyalty while helping W&L take its proper place in leading its peers in alumni participation.

You may think that others' gifts are enough to ensure W&L's strength and excellence into the future, but they aren't. It is YOUR participation that matters most.