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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

A Tribute to a Father and an Alma Mater

Graig Fantuzzi '96

from The Bridge: Fall 2012/Winter 2013 issue

Graig Fantuzzi '96Graig Fantuzzi '96 has made a generous commitment to establish the Al Fantuzzi Scholarship Fund in memory of his father. "My father passed away my junior year at W&L. He was an incredible figure in my life, and he embodied the values the school promotes--integrity, honesty and discipline," he says.

He learned those things from his father largely through one particular sport. "My father had a passion for baseball, a passion that he pursued as a player and a coach," says Fantuzzi. "Through the game of baseball, he passed on to me the values that are held in high regard and practiced every day at Wash- ington and Lee."

Fantuzzi was the youngest of four children. "I was fortunate to attend W&L on a full scholarship, which allowed me to graduate without any debt. I owe the school a lot," he adds. Fantuzzi was particularly grateful for the guidance of Joseph Goldsten, the late Mamie Fox Twyman Martel Professor of Management Emeritus. "Especially when my father passed away, Prof. Goldsten helped me decide what to do after school and encouraged me to apply for a Fulbright Scholarship to Singapore. He changed my life in a great way. The international experience really opened my eyes.

"I am where I am today due to the generosity of the school and the generosity of the professors and alumni and the networking available," continues Fantuzzi, who got his first job through the help of a W&L alumnus, and is now managing director at Harvard Management Co. He was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame last year. "I am happy to give back for all it has given to me."