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Keeping the Master G. Maxwell McGrew Scholarship Growing

Class of 1987

from The Bridge: Fall 2012/Winter 2013 issue

Front row, r. to l.: Ed Henson '88, Nathan Kelly '14, Nathan Jensen '10, '13L, Joe Luter '87, Roby Mize '87; second row: Jimmy Sloan '87, Mac McGrew '87, Georgeann McGrew, Jackson Kelly '87; third row: John Pensec '87, John Church '87, Will Esham '87, Cooper Crawford '87; fourth row: Brandt Surgner '87, John Burlingame '87, David Dunn '87, Rob Hawkins '87, Matt Lewis '87, Lloyd Willcox '87; fifth row: Clay Torbert '87, John Hudson '87, David Seifert '87, Will Harbison '87, Tom Peters '87; sixth row: Barritt Gilbert '87, Alex Bryant '87, Corky Parkinson '87, Harper Trammell '87, Mike McGarry '87.This past May, as part of their 25th reunion gifts, many members of the Class of 1987 supported the McGrew Scholarship, a decade after its inception, in order to increase its value. The scholarship was created by several close friends of Mac McGrew '87 after the tragic loss of the infant son of McGrew and his wife, Georgeann. That group includes Mike McGarry '87, Reese Lanier '88, Jimmy Sloan '87 and Joe Luter '87.

McGrew thinks it is one step toward President Ruscio's goal to make a W&L education possible for outstanding students regardless of financial circumstances. "Little Mac was only 14 months old when we lost him," says McGrew. "I also see this as a legacy for my father, Dan McGrew '52, who was very involved with the Washington Society, and my brother, Boice '78. The scholarship honors their memories as well." The scholarship has raised $400,000 in a decade, but it takes a million raised outright to fund a full scholar- ship, which is the goal of its founders.

"The McGrew Scholarship on one level pays respect to the tragic and premature loss by Mac and Georgeann of their son, and symbolizes on another level the honor and support we extend to one another as friends and classmates," explains John Church '87, 25th reunion co-chair. "What better way to pay tribute than by providing the next genera- tion with a wonderful education through the scholarship?"

"The McGrew Scholarship meant an opportunity to attend W&L, which I would not have otherwise been able to afford," says current recipient Nathan Kelly '14. "The close communal bond of the school is represented monetarily through the scholarship."

Nathan Jensen '10, '13L felt privileged to be the inaugural recipient. "When I received the scholarship in 2006, there was a reception at Lee House," Jensen recalls. "Mr. McGrew, his wife, his fraternity brothers and undergraduate friends were there. It was a pretty mag- nificent reflection on the W&L community and the enduring friendships that spring from the W&L experience."

"It was not at all surprising to see so many classmates earmark part of their contribution to the McGrew Scholarship," says Luter, one of the fund's founders and major donors. "Mac developed and has maintained a broad- based group of good friends who understand the importance of scholarships to the Univer- sity and who prefer to contribute to a cause with a personal connection."