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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

Classroom Crunch beginning Fall 2013

Strategies for Classroom Scheduling

Below are high-subscribed and low-subscribed time blocks. Departments have been asked to not put more than a limited number of sections in any given high-subscribed block. To clarify: this limitation is for sections that use traditional, shared classroom spaces and not for labs, studios, and specialty spaces.

High-subscribed blocks Low-subscribed blocks
8:30 MW or 9:05 MWF, MTWRF      
10:10 MWF, MTWRF                      
11:15 MWF, MTWRF
1:25   MWF, MTWRF                      
 2:30 MW or MWF, MTWRF 
10:10 TR              
1:25 TR

 8:00 MWF, MTWRF 
12:20 MWF, MTWRF
  3:35 MWF, MTWRF
  8:35 TR
11:50 TR
 3:00  TR





Ideas for using all time blocks
: Think about the strategy to assign class sections to traditionally low-subscribed blocks.

  • higher-demand courses
  • highly sought faculty
  • courses required for the major
  • courses with multiple sections

Individual faculty preferences: Matching classroom capacities and enrollments will be of paramount importance, and faculty will have to show greater flexibility in terms of classroom location, configuration, features, etc., and be less focused on personal preferences than in the past.

From the faculty's Course Scheduling Guidelines:
A general principle of course scheduling is that every faculty member should expect to teach some classes at less-popular times and in less-than-first-choice locations. Department heads have the primary responsibility to work out a plan for teaching schedules each term that takes full advantage of all the possible teaching hours and spaces and best meets the needs of their majors and non-majors.

Individual faculty members should first consult with their department heads to reach a compromise between their preferred times and spaces and the limitations imposed by the course-scheduling guidelines. The deans and the registrar's staff are available to discuss ways to attempt to meet everyone's course scheduling and classroom needs.

Future considerations
After the renovation of Robinson Hall, either duPont Hall or Tucker Hall will next come off-line for renovations.  Both of these buildings are workhorses for classrooms and the classroom crunch will be even tighter.  Spreading course offerings across the day will need to become the norm.  Everyone's help is greatly appreciated.