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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

Senior Gift Project

Washington & Lee University's Senior Gift Campaign has been a student tradition since the early 1990s. The Senior Gift Campaign has two goals - to educate the Class of 2015 about the Annual Fund and to begin a habit of consistent giving to the Annual Fund during students' senior year. Education about the Annual Fund and its unrestricted nature, how it supports W&L, and its impact on students is the critical foundation to lifelong giving as alumni.

The Senior Gift Committee is comprised of Kathekon seniors, collectively representing the Class of 2015. They are led by five senior Class Agents who serve W&L by encouraging participation in the Senior Gift Campaign, energizing classmates about the impact of the Class of 2015's support to W&L, and continuing ties between the class and W&L as they become alumni. This leadership role is highly respected by the University as Class Agents are considered one of W&L's most committed and connected group of alumni.

To reach the Senior Gift Campaign's goals, each Class Agent and Committee member selects a small list of classmates whom they will encourage to participate in the Senior Gift. In addition to peer solicitation, the seniors celebrate their Senior Gift and upcoming graduation at The 100 Days Party in February and Senior Night at the Ruins in May.

57% of the Class of 2014 gave a total of $15,996 to the Annual Fund during the Senior Gift Campaign. The Class of 2015 has a goal of $9,000 and 70% participation.