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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

Say Thanks Day 2012

Celebrating Alumni, Parents, Friends and Philanthropy

November 15, 2012

On Thursday, Nov. 15, Washington and Lee students participated in Say Thanks Day--a day to learn about, celebrate and thank the more than 10,000 donors who support the University each year.

Quote from Bren Flanigan: Thank you so much for your recent donation to Washington & Lee. Your contributions continue to make W&L a first-rate institution. From one General to another, many thanks.W&L's Say Thanks Day celebration, now in its second year, was held on National Philanthropy Day. W&L uses this day to recognize the countless ways philanthropy has benefitted the school. It's also an opportunity to educate students about how they directly benefit from the generosity of alumni, parents and friends.

In Elrod Commons, where the undergraduate celebration was focused, Kathekon students spoke with fellow classmates about the impact of the Annual Fund. Students passing through the Commons were impressed to learn that over 50 percent of alumni gave back to W&L last year and 70 percent of alumni have made at least one gift to the University in the past five years. These alumni participation facts resonated with students like Mary Huerster '13, who commented, "I can't wait to be an alum too and help give the next generation as wonderful an experience as I've had!"

Quote from Thomas Day: “Thank you for supporting W&L and for allowing more students to have the same incredible experience that you did. My life would never be the same without the influence of Robert E. Lee, George Washington, and the people here.”Kathekon students led conversations with their classmates about tuition, the Annual Fund and W&L's budget to help classmates understand that tuition does not cover the full cost of their education. Students learned that the Annual Fund plays a critical role in bridging the $20,000 difference between the cost of attendance and the price of tuition. The Annual Fund contributes over $3,500 each year toward the cost of each student's education.

Grateful undergraduate students signed over 400 postcards-- thanking alumni, parents and friends for making their college experience possible. Noel Price '13 wrote, "Thank you so much for your gift to W&L. Anything you have given helps to perpetuate the amazing traditions we enjoy every day. I am so thankful." During a similar Say Thanks Day celebration in the Law School, W&L law students signed over 150 thank you notes.

Quote from Sarah Shepherd: “Thank you so much for all that you do! I know that the amazing W&L alumni are the reason we are getting such an incredible education!”Faculty and staff also stopped by the celebrations in the Commons and the Law School to show support for Say Thanks Day, sign post cards and speak with students. Tres Mullis, executive director of university development, commented,  "it is always great to see how students, after learning how the Annual Fund and other gifts impact their educational experience at W&L, are enthusiastic in their willingness and desire to express their gratitude for this support." 

To learn more about student involvement with philanthropy at W&L, contact Alison Faux, Assistant Director of Annual Giving.