Donelle DeWitt inserts one of the posts used to raise the letters off the wall.Michael Jorae applies adhesive to one of almost 500 individual posts required for the installation.One of the 228 characters that make up the First Amendment is carefully slid into position.The First Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights, which the states ratified, effective Dec. 15, 1791.Donelle DeWitt and Michael Jorae spent more than 30 hours completing the installation.Prof. Bob de Maria listens to Department Head Pam Luecke speak during the sign's unveiling Oct. 15.Michael Todd points out how James Madison chose to capitalize the word "Government" when he authored the Bill of Rights.Donelle DeWitt, Pam Luecke, Michael Todd, and Michael Jorae stand in front of the completed 1st Amendment installation in the lobby of Reid Hall.

Freedom of the Press

The First Amendment showcased in Reid Hall

Watch the First Amendment go up in the lobby of Reid Hall.