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#2 Initial Advisers Meeting

Summary of announcements.

Initial Advisers Meeting
Tuesday, September 4, 2012

General Announcements:

1. Reminder of advising and registration scheduling - including "Pick One" this afternoon. Schedule can be found at
2. Advising packet information
3. All placement results we have received are now available in the WebAdvisor Test Summary to both faculty advisers and students.
4. Please be sure that every student who leaves your office Wednesday has 12 credits of registered coursework or are on the way to the Registration Hotline in Huntley 322 (x. 7629).

Department and Program Announcements:

1. Art and Art History: Students interested in pursuing studio art as a major at W&L should take at least one studio course their first year.
ARTS 111-Drawing I: 2 sections with a total of 12 spots saved for first-years
ARTS 160-Photo I: 2 sections with a total of 12 spots saved for first-years
ARTS 130-Design I: 2 spots left for first-years

Spots have been reserved for first year students in ARTH 101 (Survey of Western Art to 1400), ARTH 141 (Buddhist Art in South and Central Asia), and ARTH 180 (First Year seminar, Portraits, Politics, and Propaganda). All fulfill the FDR req. in HA.

2. Biology: Only students considering biology, neuroscience, environmental studies or pre-health should register for Bio 111/113 (both courses) or for Chem 110/110L. They should take the other course during winter term.

We have already filled all spaces available for FDR SL seekers in Bio 111/113 for the fall. There will be alternative FDR SL courses during spring term and a few FDR SL spaces in Bio 111/113 during winter term.

3. Business Administration: For potential Williams School majors, it is very strongly recommended that students take INTR 201 the second semester of their first-year. There will be a limited number of seats available to first-years this semester.

4. Chemistry: Chemistry now has a one-semester introductory course for science majors and health professions students, CHEM 110. This course will be offered in both the fall and winter terms. We have 50 spaces for entering first-year students this fall. We will have about 90 spaces for first-years in the winter.

Students preparing for majors in biochemistry, biology, neuroscience AND for careers in health professions should take EITHER BIOL 111 &113 OR CHEM 110 in the fall. These students should then take the course not taken in the fall in the winter term. In other words, these students should take CHEM 110 AND BIOL 111 & 113 in the first year, one course in each semester.

Encourage students who plan to take a lab science with either Math 101 or 102 to register for Thursday morning or Wednesday afternoon labs to avoid conflicts between these courses.

For any questions about Health Professions or the Orange Sheet in your packet, please contact Lisa Alty x8927.

5. Computer Science: Initial advisers should definitely know that THERE IS NO "CALCULUS REQUIREMENT". Computer Science has several courses satisfying the FM requirement for students who don't need/want to take any more math. Two of these courses (CSCI 111, CSCI 101) will be offered this academic year.

6. Geology: There are about 45 seats available for 1st-yrs in GEOL 100 this fall (one of the sections is a first-year seminar). Note, this course is reserved for 1st-yrs and 2nd-yrs so we encourage students interested in taking geology for their SL FDR to sign up for one of the GEOL 100 sections this fall.

7. Journalism and Mass Communications: Our first year seminar (J180) this fall is being taught by Phylissa Mitchell, a visiting professor. The timely topic: The press and the 2012 presidential campaign: Winning the White House in the age of twitter.

We saved seats in our two sections of Jour 101 for first years, as well. But if they don't get in there will, again, be two sections of 101 in the winter.

8. Physics and Engineering: Students interested in majoring in engineering or physics should enroll in PHYS 111A, General Physics I (FY only) and PHYS 113, General Physics I Lab. The lecture and lab are co-requisites so must be registered for simultaneously. Pick-One allows 4 credits so students can select PHYS 111/113 if they wish.

PHYS 111 requires MATH 101 as a pre- or co-requisite. However, among WebAdvisor's many shortcomings is the inability to handle pre- or co-requisite logic. Therefore, MATH 101 is entered in the system only as a prerequisite because it can be overridden more easily via instructor consent. Advisors, please assure your advisees that co-requisite calculus for physics is perfectly OK. A student who wants to enroll in PHYS 111/113 but does not yet have credit for MATH 101 should contact Dan Mazilu or David Sukow for consent, with enough lead time for us to give it before they register.

We also have 8 seats reserved for FYs in Phys-150 (four in each of two sections). Perfect for the pure FDR SL seeker.

9. Romance Languages: We conducted the placement exams for French and Spanish over the summer. Any student who has not taken the placement exam in French or Spanish, should report to the department head (Jeff Barnett) for placement testing. The "score" in the Student's Test Summary indicates the recommended class/level where they should begin: "0 = no score; 99 = Not Recommended; 161; 164; FREN 261, or SPAN 200 level."

There are ample FY spots available for Accelerated Elementary Italian (ITAL 113) and Portuguese (PORT 113). However, FY students without the proper background in a romance language will need "Instructor Consent" from the department head (Jeff Barnett). Finally, any student interested in taking advanced Portuguese or Italian (261) should also report to the department head for placement.

10. Shepherd Program: We encourage first-years interested in the Shepherd Program to consider taking the 101 or 101A (first-year seminar) during any term in their first year. It makes them eligible for an internship and serves as a gateway to the Program. They can also take it later in their time at W&L. First-years may also consider the one-credit fieldwork course (102).

11. Writing Program: There are 18 sections of Writing 100 offered this fall (and only 7 in the Winter). If your student has not placed out, try and get them into a fall section. Some of our international students have been placed in the 100 section taught by Smout, one of our ESOL profs. Another instructor with that training (for students who do not get that section) is Prof. Crowley.

There is no placement test for Writing anymore, only exemption from the WRIT 100 course for AP 5's and IB 6's and 7's (this year we added IB test scores). I will also mention that advisees must take WRIT 100 the first year; anyone who fails to take WRIT 100 will get the last seat after next year's entire first-year class registers for both fall and winter terms.

Additional Announcements:

1. First-Year Seminars: Fall 2012 (

ARTH 180-01
Portraits, Politics and Propaganda
Professor G. Bent

The Ancient Animal World
Professor A. Kirk

GEOL 100A-01
General Geology with Field Emphasis
Professor Greer

JOUR 180-01
The Press and the 2012 Presidential Campaign: Winning the White House in the Age of Twitter
Professor Mitchell

LIT 180-01
Understanding Contemporary Italian Culture
Professor Bini

POV 101A-01
Poverty: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
Professor Lowney

PSYC 111A-01
Brain and Behavior
Professor Lorig

REL 181-01
Perspectives on Death and Dying
Professor Marks