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Washington and Lee University
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Find in all issues UCookBook and FitnessU.

  • June 2013
    5 Skills to Take Away from Any Job or Internship • Free Yourself from Fast Food: Building Blocks for Budget-Friendly Meals • Master Your Muscle Groups: Exercises to Build Strength This Summer • How Do You Identify? Exploring the Labels of Sexual Identity • Recharge and Refocus: Ways to Make Time for Yourself • Health Brief: Fun in the Sun: Tips for Keeping Food Safe • Health Brief: Energy Drinks • UCookBook: Healthy Summer Foods • FitnessU: Fitness with a Friend
  • May 2013
    Don't Forget to Remember: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Memory • Presenting Yourself to Employers: Building a Professional Online Image • Creative Ways to Break a Sweat: On the Spot Exercises • Unwrap the Facts: Translating Nutrition Labels • How to Adapt When Change Happens • UCookbook: Getting Creative with Packaged Foods • FitnessU: Core
  • April 2013
    Top 5 Foods to Power Up Your Plate • Beat the Stress Before Your Test • Drinking Differences: Reveal the Reality of Your Body's Reaction • Run With Your Passion: How Exercise Can Make a Difference • The Social Web: Pros and Cons of Online Connections • UCookBook: Filling Salads • FitnessU: Equipment-Free Resistance Training
  • March 2013
    The Five Elements of Fitness • Feed Your Body, Nourish Your Mind • The 8 Hour Advantage: Discover the Science Behind Shut-eye • What's Your Learning Style? • The Study Drug Debate: Do They Create an Academic Advantage? • UCookbook: Fast Food or Comfort Food Makeovers • FitnessU: Gym-Free Exercise
  • February 2013
    Solo & Satisfied: Being single in a relationship world • Capturing Your Creativity: How to engage your brain outside the classroom • Get More From Your Core: Why it’s important and how to work it • Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: 5 tips for successful group projects • Too Much, Too Little: Recognizing disordered eating habits • UCookbook: Healthy Chocolate Recipes • FitnessU: Developing Flexibility
  • January 2013
    13 Apps for a Healthy 2013 - Technology you can use to further your wellness • Let’s Talk Sex: 3 steps for keeping it safer • Roommates & Shared Spaces: Do’s & don’ts of living with others • No Stove? No Problem! Simple meals you can prepare anywhere • Present Yourself on Paper: Writing effective résumés & cover letters • UCookbook: Quick & Healthy Microwave Breakfasts • FitnessU: Intervals
  • December 2012
    4 Steps to Successful Finals - Productive study strategies that pay off • Fight the Urge to Splurge - 7 ways to avoid monster spending • Eat Well in Hectic Times - Easy foods that keep you fueled • How to Handle Stress NOW - Steps you can take to manage stress this month • Fling or Forever? - Find what you’re looking for in a relationship • UCookbook: A Sweet Tooth Without Added Sugar • FitnessU: Quick & Effective Exercise During Finals
  • November 2012
    Love Your Body - Learn how to forgive the flaws and embrace the skin you’re in • Snooze or Lose - Find out how to turn fatigued F’s to alert A’s • Good, Quick Sex - Discover how communication and safety can lead to better sex • Sweat Out the Storm - How to stay active in any weather • UCookbook: Let’s Get Fruity: Cooking With Dried Fruits • FitnessU: Understanding and Reaching Your Optimal Heart Rate
  • October 2012
    Train Your Brain - How staying active can lead to better grades this year • Sucrose, Glucose or Fructose? • Eat Right NOW: Answers to your most common nutrition questions • The Drinking Myth - You'll be shocked to find out what's true and false about students and alcohol • Still Fetching Coffee? How to jump-start your career with a meaningful internship now • UCookbook: Vegetarian Dishes Everyone Will Love • FitnessU: Building Stamina and Lung Capacity
  • September 2012
    Eat Well on Campus - Can campus food taste good and be good for you? Find out how! • Budgeting for the Year Ahead - Tips for budgeting, saving, and spending - and still having fun • Room to Study - Creating space to concentrate and study more matter where you're living. • Preventing Violence in Your Community - How students work to prevent violence - and what you can do to help • UCookbook: Healthy Fruit and Veggie Smoothies • FitnessU: The Benefits of Yoga