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Compliance Certification

September 10, 2008

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By signing below, we attest to the following:

  1. That Washington and Lee University has conducted an honest assessment of compliance and has provided complete and accurate disclosure of timely information regarding compliance with the Core Requirements, Comprehensive Standards, and Federal Requirements of the Commission on Colleges.
  2. That Washington and Lee University has attached a complete and accurate listing of all programs offered by the institution, the locations where they are offered, and the means by which they are offered as indicated on the updated “Institutional Summary Form Prepared for Commission Reviews,” and that the comprehensive assessment of compliance reported on the Compliance Certification includes the review of all such programs.
  3. That Washington and Lee University has provided a complete and accurate listing of all substantive changes that have been reported and approved by the Commission since the institution’s last reaffirmation as well as the date of Commission approval.

Accreditation Liaison
Deborah B. Dailey

Chief Executive Officer
Kenneth P. Ruscio

Approval Date Description of Substantive Change


Substantive changes requiring approval:

  • Initiating certificate or degree programs at a more advanced degree level
  • Initiating an off-campus site at which students can earn at least 50 percent of credits toward a degree
  • Initiating a branch campus
  • Initiating any change in legal status, governance, form of control, or ownership of the institution
  • Expanding the institution’s programs at the current degree level through the addition of significantly different programs
  • Initiating programs at a lower degree level
  • Initiating a consolidation or merger



For each of the Core Requirements, Comprehensive Standards, and Federal Requirements, we have placed an “X” before the judgment of compliance and then added narrative in support of our judgment in accordance with directions requested in the category description.

Section 2: Core Requirements
Section 3: Comprehensive Standards
Section 4: Federal Requirements



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