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Advising Advice: Some approaching deadlines

Study abroad application approvals are available on-line at:  There are 2 information sheets attached: one for Faculty Advisers and one for Department Heads. Summer deadline: March 1; Fall and Full-Year deadline: March 20. Questions? Contact Kip Brooks at 
On-line application Faculty Advisors
On-line application Instructions DH

Sophomores' initial declaration of major form is due to the University Registrar's Office by Friday, March 2.

Undergraduate midterm grades are due by 12 noon, Monday, February 20 Midterm grades are required for all students on academic probation and all new and recently reinstated undergraduates (includes first-year and reinstated students, transfers, exchanges, and specials). The WebAdvisor grading window is open, with a flag for each student requiring a midterm grade.

Spring Option: All students who are planning to declare the Spring Option have been asked to do that by Friday, March 2 (Friday after Washington Break), but the absolute deadline is Tuesday, April 24.

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