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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University
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Martin Hristov

Class of 2012 - Bulgaria


If life at W&L had to be summarized in one word, it would be OPPORTUNITY. This is the opportunity to do everything you ever wanted to, everything you ever dreamt of, and everything you haven't even realized you wanted to do yet.

W&L gives you the chance to explore and delve into any aspect of your life that you wish for, while being an integral part of the strong community. Try some super-interesting elective classes to expand your major or just to broaden your own horizons, delving into other subjects. Try many of the various sports, and even join a team. Try going to any of the special concerts, when W&L brings another world-renown classical artist or when a fraternity invites an old-school rap star. Try taking advantage of the numerous study abroad programs, or just create your own and travel the world. Try joining a cause and helping the community, or just have fun with friends at any of the other events the school organizes.

Even when you think you cannot find inner motivation to do anything, or you feel down and it seems like nothing can engage your attention powerfully enough, W&L can help you find that special interest of yours for you to explore and become devoted to.

Seize that opportunity anytime soon... or right now!