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Welcome Alumni!

We have gathered together information that we think will interest you: the 2012 Reunion, what current students are up to, gifts to the program, and more.

  • Geology Reunion 2012
    Hello Alums! We had a super time at the reunion. Seeing friends, meeting new ones, good food, a field trip with good weather, interesting talks, lots more good food, and a great presentation about the history of the department from Ed Spencer. We're so glad so many of you could come. We're already looking forward to the next one (but don't ask us about it yet . . . )
  • Announcements
    Catch up on what's new and exciting in the Geology Department.
  • Submissions for the Geology Newsletter
    Everyone loves reading about what everyone else is up to, so please share! We want to include information about you!
  • Recent Geology Student Research
    Read about students' research projects and see where W&L Geology students have gone on for grad school. Consider how you can use the experience and knowledge you have gained after graduating to offer a W&L undergrad a meaningful summer internship opportunity.
  • Endowed Geology Department Funds
    W&L's Geology Department is extremely fortunate to have alumni who ensure our students' exceptional opportunities in the field.