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Washington and Lee University

Family Values

The Ruscios and the Cronins

from The Bridge: Spring/Summer 2011 issue

The extended Ruscio-Cronin-Manto family in October 2006, at Ken’s inauguration as president. Front row, l. to r.: Fred Ruscio, Kim Ruscio, Ken Ruscio, Matthew Ruscio. Second row: Judy Ruscio Cronin, Jeanne Ruscio Manto, Sean Cronin ’01. Third row: Cara Cronin ’05, Kevin Cronin, Michael Ruscio, Christine Lauay. Back row: Brad Cronin, Mike Manto.Alfred and Rosemarie Ruscio, the parents of President Ken Ruscio '76 and of Judy Ruscio Cronin P'01, '05, worked hard to put their children through college. In so doing, they set an example of strong character and leadership.

The elder Ruscios became fond of the University when they visited Ken while he was a student, as did his sister Judy, when she visited her children Sean Cronin '01 and Cara Cronin '05. Like her late parents, Cronin is impressed by the University's campus and values.

Ken Ruscio and his wife, Kim, and Cronin and her husband, Brad, decided that supporting the capital campaign was a fitting way to pay tribute to their parents. The two couples designated $100,000 for the Colonnade renovation, because those buildings symbolize the attributes of the University their parents held dear.

"The Colonnade is the heart and soul of the University," says Ken Ruscio. "It's not just bricks and pillars. So much of W&L's values are captured in its architecture, as well as the activities that go on along the Colonnade. This is the encapsulation of so many things my parents liked about the institution." As members of The President's Society, Kim and Ken Ruscio are also regular and generous supporters of the Annual Fund.

Judy Cronin thinks her mother and father would be pleased. "My parents were such good people and were so good to us," she says. "They loved W&L and embraced its values, and the Colonnade seemed like a good way to honor them.

"My youngest son, Kevin, once interviewed my dad," she adds. "He told him, ‘Live your life so that when your children think of honor and integrity, they think of you.' They exemplified those qualities, and so does the University that has become a part of our family."