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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

Valuing Internships

Jane Gilday P'11

from The Bridge: Spring/Summer 2011 issue

Jane Gilday and Jeff RobertsMany things about Washington and Lee impress Jane Gilday, with the Honor System, professors and classes at the top of the list. The experience last summer of her son, Jeff Roberts '11, as an intern at Deutsche Bank in New York, also makes the list.

"Jeff has embraced the Williams School program, and he has great enthusiasm for the education he's received at Washington and Lee," said Gilday, a managing director at Barrow, Hanley, Mewhinney & Strauss, an investment management firm in Dallas. At the end of his rewarding internship, Roberts was offered a full-time job and will begin this summer following graduation.

When Gilday served as a Williams School Executive-in-Residence and joined the school's advisory board in 2009, she learned even more about the quality of W&L's students and professors. After that stint, she committed $500,000 to establish the Gilday-Roberts Internship Endowment. It will ensure that students from all disciplines will have the opportunity to intern in their field of interest.

"I realized the importance of internships through Jeff's experience and by hearing what my fellow board members had to say," she said. "There is so much students learn from these experiences, and some don't feel they can afford to do them."