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Steps to Class Registration (Preliminary Steps)

Where to Start? You can start with these steps before actually registering.

1. Review what is offered for the term:
  • Login to WebAdvisor and click on "Course Registration" and "Create Your Preferred List of Sections."
  • Pick the term and then search by subject; types for FDR categories, AFY (appropriate to FY courses), or interdisciplinary program approved courses;  keywords, etc.
  • You can also view the course offerings list and web catalog from the University Registrar webpage. From the Course Offering List, click on 'Details' to see prerequisites and a course description. 'Expected capacity' is the projected number of students to fill the class. 'Current Active Limit' is the current registration cap managed by the department. Often this number changes as seats are held and opened for different class years.
2. Select your preferred courses (your "wish list" or "shopping cart" of sorts):
  • Under the "Create Your Preferred List of Sections" link, pick as many course sections as you like (no limit - but be warned that picking a couple hundred sections has log jammed some student WebAdvisor accounts) by adding selected course sections to your preferred courses list. You register from this preferred sections list, so make your selections well before your registration window opens.
  • Prior to your registration window opening, you should contact faculty for instructor consent, if it is either required for the section, or if you need an override for a prerequisite or other restrictions (e.g., major, class year). You will know that instructor consent has been given by checking your email or "Holds and Registration Approvals."

3. Meet with your adviser to obtain online approval to register.

  • Make an appointment with your adviser well in advance of the registration period. Respect your adviser's deadlines and requirements for approving you for registration and don't leave this to the last minute.
  • Your adviser will give you online approval for you to register at your appointed registration day and time.
  • You will know that adviser approval has been given by checking your email or WebAdvisor "Holds and Registration Approvals" - only your adviser, or your adviser's department head may give approval for you to register.
  • If you don't have approval when you begin registration, you will see the following error message: You are not eligible for registration. PLEASE SEE YOUR ADVISER FOR APPROVAL TO REGISTER.

4. Check and clear any office HOLDS that will prevent you from registering:

  • During the week prior to registration, visit the WebAdvisor "Holds and Registration Approvals" link.
  • If you have an active (i.e., no end date) administrative-office hold, that office must clear it before you are able to continue with the registration process.
  • Holds which say "Soft Hold" do NOT stop you from registering; however they can be changed to a hard hold for future registrations if you don't take care of it.

5. Know when your registration window opens:

  • Your registration dates and times for the first window will be listed on WebAdvisor in "Holds and Registration Approvals" at least one week in advance.
  • If you try to register for a section outside of your registration window, you might see a message like the following: You can't place ARTH-102-01 on the schedule at this time. Student is not allowed to register before 07:00AM on 12/23/10.

Continue with How to Register for Courses - when your registration window has opened.