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#3 Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Looking Back

• Registration of first-year students went well this year, evidenced by effective academic advising and having plenty of spaces for students. Because of the Pick One, student satisfaction with participation in the process seemed fairly high, even when they had to change their first choice during the Pick Three session with advisers on Tuesday.

• The Wednesday session was wonderful, with NO students coming to the deans' "fix it" session. Thanks for your good work in this regard. Drop/add ended with the usual rush of last-minute submissions, although 50% of all drops and adds were completed by the end of the first day of the term.

• The Registration and Class Schedules Committee will follow up with the results of the recent roundtables and the survey to faculty regarding the new FY registration and Drop Add procedures. Thank you for your feedback.

Looking Ahead
• Ongoing Advising: We encourage you to make contact and check on your first-year advisees in the coming weeks. For those of you who are interested in another chance to get together with your FY advisees as a group - and catch up with them informally - please take the opportunity to go to lunch with them in the Marketplace the week of October 24. We are happy to cover the cost of your lunch. You may give your name at the register (under FY advising) and join your first-year students at an agreed upon time during the week.

• Midterm grades are due no later than 12 noon on Monday, October 24 for both FY students and for upper-class transfers, visiting students, reinstated students, and those on probation. Jason Rodocker will be sending advisers two sets of midterm grades for each advisee - one copy is for the adviser and the other is for the advisee. We also highly encourage individual meetings with first-year advisees to hand-out and discuss midterm grades and possible Winter-term courses of study between Thursday, October 27 and Wednesday, November 2. First-years will register for their first Winter courses on Friday, November 4.

• The Study Abroad Application is now available to students on-line at: The application deadline for Winter-term study abroad is October 20. If you have any questions, please contact Kip Brooks at

• All undergraduates are now under the FDR general education rules with 113 credits needed for graduation. Keep an eye on your seniors' degree audits. It would be a good idea to remind seniors, as we did last year, not to leave any of their PE or FDR requirements (especially science) until the Spring term. PE courses will be available and some courses in the Spring will satisfy FDRs, but we cannot guarantee that a given senior will get a seat in the exact course needed for graduation, and some Spring-term courses will conflict with the PE schedule. It will always be better to have these requirements out of the way before the final Spring term.
Thank you again for all you do!