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#2 All Afternoon Antics 2011

General Announcements

1. "Pick One" Status. First Year students have now registered for one course.
2. Advising Dinner Ideas and Sakai Advising Share Site is up and available.
3. Students with a ‘Health Center Hold Registration Allowed' notification. Some of your advisees will have a "soft" hold (WON'T prevent registration) from the Health Center indicating that certain information is missing from their Health Center file. Please do not call the Health Center. Instead, tell the student that Brenda Clark, the administrative assistant in the Health Center, will be in touch with them by e-mail to let them know what is incomplete."
4. All placement results we have received are now available in the WebAdvisor Test Summary to both faculty advisers and students.
5. For any questions about Health Professions or the Orange Sheet in your packet, please contact Lisa Alty x8927.
6. Please be sure that every student who leaves your office Tuesday has 12 credits of registered coursework or are on the way to the Registration Hotline in Huntley 322 (x. 7629).
Department and Course Announcements

1. Art: Students interested in pursuing studio art as a major at W&L should take at least one studio course their first year. They should wait on ARTH until winter.

ARTS 111-Drawing I: 2 sections with a total of 12 spots saved for first-years
ARTS 160-Photo I: 2 sections with a total of 12 spots saved for first-years
ARTS 130-Design I: 2 spots left for first-years

There are also spots for first-years in Art History:
ARTH 101-10 spots; ARTH 140-1 spot; ARTH 240-12 spots
2. Biology: 1.Only prospective biology, neuroscience or environmental studies should consider taking BIO 111/113 during fall semester. They should not register students wanting FDR SL in BIO 111/113 - there will be additional section during winter for these students. 2. We have added an FDR SC course for 1st-years only (BIO 180-01) to this fall's offerings - called Human Nutrition and Metabolism
3. EALL: Department doesn't have a formal placement tests set up for Chinese and Japanese languages. For those who have learned either language before and are interested in continuing the languages, they are required to take placement tests with the EALL department before they register for classes. Please contact the EALL department head as soon as they arrive on campus. The department will arrange for some individualized placement tests for those students before their registration.
4. History: Upper-level Classes open to first-year students:
History 268 - Building a Suburban Nation: Race, Class, and Politics in Postwar America. This course will also appeal to students who have an interest in public policy.
History 269 - Seminar in American History: The First Four Presidents.
History 253 - Gay and Lesbian History in 20th Century United States.
5. Journalism: First-year students are welcome in Jour101 or a first-year seminar taught by Prof. Cumming. There are not a lot of seats available in 101 in the fall, so if a student doesn't get in, he or she should try again winter term, when there will again be two sections.
6. Math: For Calculus, there are several flavors of Math 101 (first-term calculus). 101B is only for Beginners... that is, students who have never had calculus before. All other students who want to take first-term calculus should take 101A, 101D, 101E, or 101H; if they are found in 101B they will be required to move to another course.
Also, a few of your advisees have been given Advanced Standing placement into 102 or 221... this placement MUST be taken THIS FALL in order to also earn them credit for 101.
7. Physics: students interested in majoring in any engineering (phys-engn or chem-engn) or physics should enroll in PHYS 111A, General Physics I (FY only) (not Phys 111) and PHYS 113, General Physics Lab I. A small wrinkle: the lecture and lab are co-requisites in the registration system, so must be registered for simultaneously. If there is a special case where a student wishes to take only one or the other, contact David Sukow for a manual override.
Finally, the big new wrinkle and request: there are two sections of PHYS 111A. If a student registers for PHYS 111A-01 (the 9:05a section), please encourage them to register for the THURSDAY MORNING LAB (PHYS 113-05), where there are 13 open seats. If a student registers for PHYS 111A-02 (the 10:10a section), please encourage them to register for the TUESDAY MORNING LAB (PHYS 113-02), where there are 18 open seats. Each FY lecture section matches with only one morning lab, and we must place students into them efficiently to avoid wasting open seats. In addition to the morning lab sections, there are a limited number of seats in afternoon lab sections which work for both FY lecture sections, but not enough if the morning labs are not used well. This scheduling problem is an unanticipated consequence of section-based registration, and we will work to fix this in the future.

8. Romance Languages: conducted the placement exams for French and Spanish over the summer. Any student who has not taken the placement exam in French or Spanish, should report to the department head (Matthew Bailey) for placement testing.
Any student interested in taking advanced Portuguese or Italian should report to the department head (Matthew Bailey) for placement.

9. Shepherd Program: We encourage first-years interested in the Shepherd Program to consider taking the 101 or 101A (first-year seminar) during any term in their first year. It makes them eligible for an internship and serves as a gateway to the Program. They can also take it later in their time at W&L. First-years may also consider the one-credit fieldwork course (102).
10. Teacher Education. Any student who thinks he or she might want to teach, should enroll in Principles of Development, Psych 113; it can count as a social science FDR. In addition, students seeking elementary education, must have at least one semester of American History. Students interested in middle or secondary education, history and social studies endorsement, should take Geology 101 as a science. Please have your advisees contact Lenna Ojure or Haley Sigler as soon as possible to determine an overall plan for meeting the requirements for licensure.

Additional Announcements:
• Psych 395: Organizational Psychology is available to first year students who come in with Psych Credit.
• Writing 100: There are more than 20 sections offered this fall (and only 6 in the winter). If your student has not placed out, try and get them into a fall section. Some of our international students have been placed in the 100 section taught by Smout, one of our ESOL profs. Another instructor with that training (for students who do not get that section is Prof. Crowley).
• Environmental Studies: There are 2 additional sections of Environmental Studies 110 available this fall.
• Students who have had 2 or more years of Romance Languages in high school can take Italian or Portuguese 113.
• Don't forget to explore available First Year Seminars with your advisees.
Good Luck and thank you again!

Elizabeth Knapp
Associate Provost
Associate Professor of Geology
Washington and Lee University