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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

How to Manage Your Preferred Sections List

Under the WebAdvisor "Create Your Preferred List of Sections" link, pick as many course sections as you like (no limit; although a couple hundred sections will "log jam" your WebAdvisor account) by adding selected course sections to your preferred courses list.

You register from this preferred course list, so make your selections before your registration window opens.

To Create Your Preferred List of Sections

  • view the course offerings for a particular term;
  • in WebAdvisor, see which courses are open, which have a waiting list, and which are closed;
  • select sections to add to your preferred course list (no limit); and
  • register if your window is open and requirements are met.
Note: The preferred list is NOT your class registration. The preferred list is like a 'shopping cart' or a 'wish list' of sections of interest.  You register from this list when your registration window is open.

Screenshots for picking courses to add to your preferred list are way, way down below (scroll down).