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Registration Help

Details and How-To's for WebAdvisor Registration (also reached through

Where to go for help on course registration. See the alphabetical list below of topics:

Steps to Class Registration I - Preliminary steps prior to actual registration

Steps to Class Registration II - Actual steps to register into classes


Adviser approval - you must have adviser approval before you can register - procedure and WebAdvisor notifications

Approvals - how to view any instructor consents, override, underload, and adviser approvals

Changing your schedule - dropping and adding sections

Checklist - Student registration checklist (pdf format)

Closed course - options for registering or waitlisting into a course that is closed

Conflicts - procedure for overriding a conflicted class schedule

Corequisite courses (concurrent registration) - details about corequisite courses and procedure to override co-requisite course stop

Course Registration links - explanation of different links in WebAdvisor

Demonstration - Power-Point demo presented to new students at orientation

Drop and Add - how to change your schedule in WebAdvisor

Drop and Add Policies -  deadlines, late fees, and drop with record policies

Error messages and recommendations - various registration stop messages and other error message you may see and how you proceed

Handout - new-student registration handout

Help! - who to contact for help

Holds - where to see any registration holds you may have

Instructor consent - procedure to obtain instructor consent and when you would need to do this

Overload approval - procedure for requesting to take more than 14 credits in fall or winter term

Overrides - Registration override form and details

Pass/Fail declaration - procedure for declaring a section pass/fail

PE Registration - be sure to register for your PE class through WebAdvisor and in a timely manner.

Part or All? - know when to choose PART Complete only available versus ALL All-or-nothing action

Preferred Course List - how to create and manage your preferred list of sections (shopping cart)

Prerequisites and class or major registration restrictions - how to request instructor consent if you are stopped for these reasons

Registration Override form - link to form

Retaking a course - general principles and how to override a limit set by the department

Spring Registration Specific Information

Study Off-campus - registration help if you are currently off-campus and wish to register or if you plan to study off-campus next term

Fall registration timeline
Winter registration timeline
Spring registration timeline

Underload approval - procedure for requesting to take less than 12 credits in fall or winter terms.

Waitlisting - how this works

Window to register - how can you determine your registration window