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Registration Help

Details and How-To's for WebAdvisor Registration (also reached through

Registration is the initial process of signing up for courses each term. Consistent with W&L's principle that students bear responsibility for their academic choices and progress, each student selects lists of preferred courses in WebAdvisor, then when your window opens, you determine which section is moved to registered or waiting-list status. The system checks for appropriate qualifications, including adviser registration approval, prerequisites, instructor consent, time conflicts, etc. 

Drop/add is the process of adjusting your class schedule during the first few days of each term. All degree-seeking students are required to be registered for a full-time load for each term (minimum 12 credits during fall and winter terms, four credits for spring term) by the end of the drop/add period. There is no charge for these transactions during the initial free drop/add period, though late fees begin going up quickly afterwards.

Where to go for help on course registration. See the alphabetical list below of topics:

Steps to Class Registration I - Preliminary steps prior to actual registration

Steps to Class Registration II - Actual steps to register into classes


Adviser approval - you must have adviser approval before you can register - procedure and WebAdvisor notifications

Approvals - how to view any instructor consents, override, underload, and adviser approvals

Changing your schedule - dropping and adding sections

Checklist - Student registration checklist (pdf format)

Closed course - options for registering or waitlisting into a course that is closed

Conflicts - procedure for overriding a conflicted class schedule

Corequisite courses (concurrent registration) - details about corequisite courses and procedure to override co-requisite course stop

Course Registration links - explanation of different links in WebAdvisor

Demonstration - Power-Point demo presented to new students at orientation

Drop and Add - how to change your schedule in WebAdvisor

Drop and Add Policies -  deadlines, late fees, and drop with record policies

Error messages and recommendations - various registration stop messages and other error message you may see and how you proceed

Handout - new-student registration handout

Help! - who to contact for help

Holds - where to see any registration holds you may have

Instructor consent - procedure to obtain instructor consent and when you would need to do this

Overload approval - procedure for requesting to take more than 14 credits in fall or winter term

Overrides - Registration override form and details

Pass/Fail declaration - procedure for declaring a section pass/fail

PE Registration - be sure to register for your PE class through WebAdvisor and in a timely manner.

Part or All? - know when to choose PART Complete only available versus ALL All-or-nothing action

Preferred Course List - how to create and manage your preferred list of sections (shopping cart)

Prerequisites and class or major registration restrictions - how to request instructor consent if you are stopped for these reasons

Registration Override form - link to form

Retaking a course - general principles and how to override a limit set by the department

Spring Registration Specific Information

Study Off-campus - registration help if you are currently off-campus and wish to register or if you plan to study off-campus next term

Fall registration timeline
Winter registration timeline
Spring registration timeline

Underload approval - procedure for requesting to take less than 12 credits in fall or winter terms.

Waitlisting - how this works

Window to register - how can you determine your registration window