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Adding and Deleting Faculty Profiles in Your Department Directory

Getting Started

Site Tree

First, make sure that any faculty or staff that you need to add to your directory can be found in the "Directory" -> "Profiles" folder that resides below your website, and contains your department's individual faculty profile pages. If you do not see a page for your colleague, you must contact Steve Mammarella in Web Communications. Steve will either find your colleague's existing profile and assign it with new permissions, or he will create a brand new faculty/staff profile. Keep in mind, it is from these individual faculty profiles that names, titles, thumbnail images and other contact info will be drawn into the "Department Directory" page. Once Steve has created (or newly assigned) the additional profiles to your department, you will then have access to complete their profile information.

Adding and Deleting Profiles from your Department Directory:

First, you must select the "Department Directory" page found within your proper website site tree (not the "Directory" section located below your web site that is addressed in the previous paragraph). Of note, if you were to expand, or click the little + icon next to the "Department Directory" page, you will get an error. This is to be expected, do not be alarmed.

Since you have the correct directory page selected, you must now check out your "Department Directory" page.

To delete a profile from your directory, scroll down to the sections marked Group 1, Group 2, etc and find the particular profile you wish to delete. Click on the (—) button to the right of the profile and it will disappear.

Image depicting how to add and delete faculty profiles in the directory

To create a new profile in your directory, you will find the closest alphabetical profile (or however you create your profile hierarchy) to the one which you'd like to add, and click the (+) button to the right of the profile. This will duplicate the profile, which can now be edited. Then, choose the duplicated profile and place your cursor in the box with the name listed. Start typing the last name of the new person you wish to add, and their profile page will pop up under your typing. Mouse down and click on that suggested profile page and the link is made!

NOTE: Make sure all your links are INTERNAL LINKS. If external or document is selected, fix this by clicking on internal and redoing the link.

Image depicting how when you start typing the last name of the faculty member, the profile will show up.

Reordering your department directory is just as easy - you just duplicate and delete until you have all your profiles in the correct order.

Check Your Page In

Where your "Check Out" button was in the toolbar, there should now be a "Check In" button.  Now that you have finished making your edits, click the "Check In" button.