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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

Housing and Dining

The E. Cafe is a kosher cafe located in the Hillel House offering bagel sandwiches and a smoothie bar.College life isn't all academic, and where you live and what you eat are an important part of every student's experience. More than 50 percent of W&L students live on campus, with first-year and sophomore students required to live in University housing. Options for first-year students include single and double rooms in both traditional and suite-style residence halls, each divided into sections of 12 to 20 students supervised by a resident adviser.

Sophomore students have the option of suite- or apartment-style living, as well as single or double rooms in themed and Greek housing. Juniors and seniors may choose to remain on campus or live off campus, in downtown apartments or country houses. Regardless of their housing choice, the vast majority of students remain in Lexington on the weekends to enjoy the range of cultural, social and athletic activities the University has to offer.

First-year students are required to purchase a Full Board meal plan and take the majority of their meals in the Marketplace, an all-you-care-to-eat dining hall located in the John W. Elrod Commons, close to first-year residence halls.

Upperclass students have several meal plan options which allow them to take their meals in any of the three campus dining facilities, as well as in fraternity/sorority housing and off campus. On-campus dining alternatives to the Marketplace include Café 77, a counter-service café serving freshly prepared sandwiches, hot foods and convenience items, and the E. Café, a kosher dairy café featuring bagels and spreads, a smoothie bar and made-to-order sandwiches.

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Marketplace is Open

The Marketplace will be open to students, faculty and staff on campus today, March 3. Lunch for faculty and staff on campus is $5.

Café 77 and Brief Stop Closed Today

Dining Services for Feb. 14: Café 77 and the Brief Stop are closed today. Marketplace service will be a la carte.

Off-Campus Housing

We know that many parents are currently talking with students about possibly living off-campus in the coming years. Many students sign leases well in advance of the beginning of the lease term. As you begin this process with your student, please be aware that the conditions of student rentals in the [...]

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