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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University
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Franco Moiso Marin

Class of 2012 - Costa Rica

I particularly like the small classes and the close relationship you can have with professors here, almost like friends. I am majoring in Engineering and Studio Art. I can take all of the requirements I need for the Engineering degree, but can also pursue my passion for art. This past spring term, I went on a Spring Term Abroad trip with Professor Olson to Italy just to paint! Last year, I took a spring term course on landscape painting. The balance I find between the two majors helps me to be relaxed while being productive. There are many extracurricular sports opportunities: intramural soccer, basketball, and dodgeball. I also play on a soccer (football) team with other professors and students, and I also have the chance to swim. The Outing Club offers many outdoor programs such as kayaking, rafting, or caving.