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Earth Lab: Volcanology

The San Francisco Peaks with Romain Meyer and David Harbor, Spring Term 2011

Volcanology 2011

Geology 105: Earth Lab - Volcanology

In May of 2011, Professors Romain Meyer and David Harbor led 9 introductory-level students on a week-long field trip to the San Francisco Peaks. For the second week of the four-week spring term course, the class had the opportunity to study in the field many of the volcanic forms and materials that they had read about and would return to run experiments on in the classroom. Flying into Flagstaff, the group explored cinder cones, maar craters, lava flows, ignimbrites, and composite cones in this young volcanic field near the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau. The group hiked up into the San Francisco Peak crater with snow still on the peaks. The exam for the week was mapping of the Sunset Crater cone and lava flows from the roads and trails. After the mapping exam, the final afternoon was spent taking a short drive north to the south rim of the Grand Canyon.


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