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Earth Lab and Regional Geology: American Southwest

The Geology of the American Southwest with Kathryn Szramek and Lisa Greer, Spring Term 2009

Geology 105 and Geology 373, Spring 2009

Thirteen Geology students and two faculty members spent three weeks traveling the spectacular Geology of the American Southwest to study Geology in 2009. We traveled extensively in Utah, Arizona and Colorado during the term, to examine and reconstruct the sedimentary, structural history, and landform evolution of the region. We traveled through geologic time from Precambrian metamorphics to modern sediments of the Great Salt Lake. We also learned about current resource management issues at places like the Bingham Canyon Mine and the Hoover Dam. Highlights of the trip included a hike into the Grand Canyon, the Fiery Furnace, many off-the beaten path dinosaurs tracks, reflection time at the Delicate Arch, a particularly challenging (and rewarding) hike into Upheaval Dome in the Canyonlands, Spotting Big Horn Sheep and ridiculously long Crinoids on the San Juan rafting trip, Monument Valley, hiking to the top of Angels Landing at Zion, and time with Wayne Ranney- the Grand Canyon expert.

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