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Advanced Field Study: New Zealand

The Geology of New Zealand 2007 with Chris Connors and Dave Harbor, Spring Term 2007

Regional Geology and Mapping Courses, Spring Term 2006

After a couple weeks of mapping near Lexington, Professors Chris Connors and David Harbor, 17 students, and 2 alumni guests spent more than three weeks on the South Island of New Zealand mapping geologic features and learning the geologic history. Travelling in two vans, the group mapped active strike-slip faulting on the Hope Fault, investigated the KT boundary, climbed to the type outcrops of ultramafic Dunite near Nelson, mapped glacial deposits in the Mt. Cook National Park area, toured a mine and the waterways in Fjordland, investigated the Alpine Fault, explored the uplifting beaches of west and east, saw plenty of powerful rivers, and hiked to a glacier.

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