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Nuclear Power Expert to Address Japanese Crisis in W&L Lecture

Charles D. Ferguson
Charles D. Ferguson
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Sarah Tschiggfrie
News Director

Dr. Charles D. Ferguson, president of the Federation of American Scientists, will present a public briefing on how the Japanese disaster has impacted the nuclear power industry on Monday, March 21 at Washington and Lee University. The event, which is free and open to the public, will take place at 5 p.m. in Northern Auditorium, Leyburn Library.

Ferguson is an expert on nuclear issues and is often called upon by the media for his views. This month, Foreign Policy magazine published his article on how Japan's earthquake could shake public trust in the safety of nuclear power:

His latest book, "Nuclear Energy: What Everyone Needs to Know," will be published in April 2011 (Oxford University Press). Ferguson co-wrote the book "The Four Faces of Nuclear Terrorism" (Routledge, 2005) and was the lead author of the report, "Commercial Radioactive Sources: Surveying the Security Risks," which was the first in-depth, post-9/11 study of the "dirty bomb" threat.

Ferguson will also address students in the class studying nuclear energy, taught by Frank Settle, visiting professor of chemistry at W&L.

Ferguson is an adjunct assistant professor in the Security Studies Program at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University where he teaches the graduate-level course "Nuclear Technologies and Security," and an adjunct lecturer in the National Security Studies Program at the Johns Hopkins University teaching the graduate-level course "Weapons of Mass Destruction Technologies."