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Equipment Available for Checkout

The TMC owns three digital video camcorders, 2 HD video camcorders, and 12 mini digital voice recorders which are available for academic use for foreign language students. To reserve a video camera or a voice recorder for a specific date and time, students must go to the TMC site, student section, and complete the reservation request form.

A camera may not be checked out for more than two hours, and there is no overnight check-out. There is a $10.00 fine for every hour or portion thereof the camera is late. A voice recorder can be checked out up to 4 hours. Camera batteries, tripods, and project digital video tapes may be obtained from the TMC technical assistant on duty.

Students may also check out any video from the TMC video library unless a W&L faculty member has placed that video on reserve in the TMC. Videos may be viewed at one of the viewing stations for VHS tapes, or at any workstations for DVD's in the TMC. Classroom equipment in Tucker Hall also supports either form of media.

When borrowing equipment, the student must check out at the electronic sign out station in the front of the TMC. Upon returning, the student must check back in at that station.