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Date Rape Drugs

  • So you think this is just a glass of water?
  • It could easily be GHB or Rohypnol...
  • They're Odorless and Colorless...
  • Deliver a Swift knockout Feeling...
  • And Then Vanish Without A Trace.

What is GHB and Rohypnol?

* GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate) and Rohypnol (Roofies) are powerful drugs that depress the central nervous system.
* The effects of the drug can be felt within fifteen minutes after ingestion and last for 4-5 hours.
* Cause dizziness, disorientation, loss of inhibition, memory blackouts, and loss of consciousness especially when mixed with alcohol.
* GHB passes out of the body within 12 hours leaving no trace in the blood or urine. It takes Rohypnol up to 4 days to clear the body.
* Often these drugs are used to facilitate sexual assault and have become known as the date rape drugs

Federal law prohibits the manufacture, possession, distribution to another person without their knowledge, or selling of these drugs with penalties of up to 20 years in jail and a $100,000 fine.

Be on the lookout for these clues that you may have been drugged:

Your drink is salty - While GHB and Rohypnol are colorless and odorless, GHB often has a salty taste.

Swift Intoxication - You feel a lot more intoxicated than your usual response to the amount of alcohol you consumed.

You black out - Victims can have 2 different experiences---either a complete blank or intermittent periods of awakening.

You feel extremely sick - You may feel dizzy, almost paralyzed, vomit and have trouble breathing.

You wake-up very hung over - You feel extremely "fuzzy" and can't account for a period of time.


  • Keep an eye on your drink at all times.  If you leave your drink, even for a minute, discard it and get another.

  • Avoid drinks you did not open yourself.  Watch your drinks being poured.

  •  Do not share or exchange drinks with anyone. 

  • Do not drink from a container that is being passed around or from punch bowls.

  • Go out with a friend. Have a plan to periodically check up on each other.

  • Get help quickly if you think GHB or Rohypnol have been used on you or a friend.

  • Act quickly. If you think you have been drugged or raped, avoid showering or disposing of your clothing. If you must urinate, save the urine in a container and ask at the Student Health Center that the urine be tested for GHB or Rohypnol if you think you may have been drugged.