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What do I need to do Concerning Registration When I Study Off Campus?

Pick Your Scenario:

You're going on a W&L program (spring term abroad, internship off-campus, etc.)

  • You must still register for any course for which you want credit and to maintain a full-time load.
  • If you have met with the course faculty member or paid money to travel abroad, this DOES NOT mean that you are properly registered for the course. You must actually register for the course in WebAdvisor when your registration window is open.

You're on-campus now and studying away beginning next term through a non-W&L study-away  program.

  • You should register for next term in case your non-W&L, study-away program falls through for personal, financial, or political reasons.
  • Please register only for the courses you would intend to take; registering for "just any old course" doesn't help you if you must return to campus, penalizes your fellow students who really need a certain course, and misleads the faculty who are trying to gauge real interest in a course. 
  • As you are preparing to leave the country -- about two weeks prior to classes beginning here -- we will delete your on-campus registration and replace it with INTR 998 (study abroad) or INTR 999 (U.S. study off-campus) to indicate your appropriate full-time credit load.

You're studying off-campus now and registration is taking place at W&L:

  • Registration for a term for which you will still be away is optional, though it is certainly to your advantage to do so.  Often, students plan to continue their abroad experience and then for some reason -- health, financial, change of plans -- they want to return to campus.  If you have properly registered, your course selections remain active until we confirm you are studying away, at which time they are cancelled to open up spaces for others.
  • Using any Web browser, you can register in WebAdvisor when your window is open and your faculty adviser has given approval.
  • While you are away, you are traveling or have no access to a computer to register during any of the 7:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. EDT window, you may contact the University Registrar's office for help ( Please note that staff can help to register you into classes of your choice, but there will be no overrides of conflicts, instructor consents, or closed courses.
  • You may see a WebAdvisor error message WARNING: The student is on hiatus from MM/DD/YY to MM/DD/YY... but this is just a warning. It does not stop you from registering.