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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University
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Graham Sheridan '11

Hometown: Greensboro, NC

Major: Economics

Minor: Poverty and Human Capablity

Extracurricular Involvement:

  • HIllel
  • Campus Kitchens Project
  • Chi Psi Fraternity
  • Two Dead Guys Ultimate Frisbee

Off-Campus Experiences:

  • Shepherd Alliance Internship at CampInteractive (Bronx, NYC)
  • Study Abroad at La Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Seville, Spain)

Favorite W&L Memory:
I really enjoyed being in Lexington over the summer this past summer when I was doing research. It was so calm and the group that was here became really close-knit. I got to spend so many summer afternoons in the Maury River at Goshen and hanging out with friends. Also, we went on a road trip to an Obama rally in Roanoke. My friend Adriana and I got to shake his hand!

Favorite Class:
Economics of Education with Professor Diette. It makes you look at this cornerstone of the American experience in an entirely different way.

Favorite W&L Activity:
I like going on trips with the Outing Club. They bring people from different social groups on campus together for outdoors fun.

Favorite Lexington Landmark:
Lexington Coffee Company. Always a great place to go with friends.

Going to Washington and Lee University allowed me to become not just a part of the W&L community, but of the Lexington community as well. Two groups, the Campus Kitchens Project and Hillel, allowed me to go beyond the school and into the town.

With Campus Kitchen I have had the opportunity to dine with people from all walks of Lexington life. I especially like going to the Lexington City Office on Youth (LCOOY), an after-school program, to bring a snack to the kids. We eat snack, talk about school, work on homework, and, when it's nice outside, play football. Usually the teams are "kids versus Graham." It would be really unfair if my opponents were older than 10. I have been visiting these kids at LCOOY since my sophomore year, when Campus Kitchen was my service-learning placement. It was thrilling when I got back from studying abroad and had a big homecoming at the Office on Youth. But LCOOY is just one of many places where the Campus Kitchens Project serves food. Each place gives the volunteer the opportunity to meet new people and learn more about Lexington.

Washington and Lee's Hillel certainly differs from Hillel at most other schools, but I think its difference makes it special. Because Washington and Lee Hillel is the only Jewish organization in Lexington, everyone comes. We have Jewish professors, community members, VMI cadets, and Washington and Lee students (both Jewish and not) all together for the Sabbath and holidays. Having a big group of all sorts of people together for events sparks great conversation and discussion. This kind of inclusiveness makes W&L Hillel great.

Because of these two organizations, I know lots of people when I go out in town. At the Farmers' Market downtown, I buy food from someone who I worship with. Being a part of the Lexington community and a part of the school enlarges the Washington and Lee experience.