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About the Major and Minor

  • The Major
    The Journalism and Mass Communications major has three sequences: Business Journalism, Journalism, and Mass Communications. The sequences are designed to respond to the widely varied interests among our majors and to assure that those students in the professional sequences have the academic and professional background to make them competitive in the print, broadcast, business or online journalism job markets. Students planning a career in public relations should also consider the professional sequences, because so many of the skills needed in that field are the same as those used in journalism. The professional sequences require an internship; for Mass Communications sequence majors, an internship is elective. The Business Journalism sequence requires a substantial number of courses in economics, accounting and management.
  • The Minor
    The minor in Mass Communications is an option for students who seek to enhance their understanding of the role of mass media in the global information society of the 21st century but who do not wish to commit to a major in journalism and mass communications. The Mass Communications minor offers liberal-arts breadth in mass media as a discipline and thorough exposure to the practice or craft, but not professional preparation for a career in a mass communications profession. All minors must take JOUR101 and five electives. Students minoring in mass communications may not receive department credit for internships. Within this framework, students have a great deal of flexibility to choose courses based on their needs and curiosity.
  • Typical Schedules of Study
    There are many ways to pace the required courses for a journalism or mass communications degree and to fulfill the additional university requirements. Study abroad is encouraged and, with planning, can be easily managed with the major requirements. After a student declares a major, he or she selects a journalism faculty member as an adviser. The adviser will help the student choose which courses to take and when. We present here some common ways to complete the degree, but note that there are many other ways to do so.