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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

Young Donors Make Giving a Priority

from The Bridge: Fall 2010 issue

Sonia Siu '07Sonia Siu '07 may live in New York City, but she hasn't forgotten the community that helped nurture her as a W&L student. Siu recently gave $10,000 for the Friends of Rockbridge (FOR), which enables Shepherd Poverty Program students to serve Rockbridge County. "The Shepherd Program is about giving students the tools to be passionate and educated about different facets of poverty, while utilizing the skills they study at W&L to build their careers," said Siu, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, in New York, which matched her gift to W&L. "I plan on staying in the field of business and finance for the long haul, but on the side, I hope to use what skills I develop in my career to aid in the betterment of educational opportunities, especially for kids, and help eradicate poverty and the cycle of poverty in New York City public housing."

The summer after her junior year at W&L, Siu was a Shepherd Program intern with the East River Development Alliance (ERDA), which provides residents of public housing in New York with the tools necessary for self-sufficiency and economic mobility. Siu and other employees of Goldman Sachs mentor high school students at ERDA, and she's been asked to co-chair a committee of young professionals to help further the organization's mission.

"I can't give a large gift to W&L, so I wanted what I could give to be focused in a strategic way," she said. "The Shepherd Program and my work as an intern at ERDA helped me become the person I am today, and a gift to the University in support of FOR made sense."