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W&L Rededicates Newcomb Hall

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Washington and Lee President Kenneth P. Ruscio, left, and Rectord J. Donald Childress cut the ribbon at the Newcomb Hall rededication.

Washington and Lee University rededicated Newcomb Hall, the first building to be completed under a program to renovate the University's historic Colonnade, on Friday, Oct. 22.

W&L President Kenneth P. Ruscio said of the restoration and renovation of the building: "It is no small task to retrofit to a historic building with all the systems we expect on a campus like this. The heating and cooling systems; the fire alarms and various safety systems; the elevators and other features to make the building fully accessible, and of course, the infrastructure for all the technology we rely on today. It is even more challenging to add all of this, while making sure the building looks the same as it did 100 years ago. But that is what we did."

The 1882 building is part of W&L's historic Colonnade, which comprises five buildings and received designation as a National Historic Landmark from the U.S. Secretary of the Interior in 1972. Given that status, the linked principles of historic preservation and rehabilitation underline the project. Preservation means maintaining and repairing existing historic features and retaining the building itself.

The historic preservation and renovation of Newcomb won the 2010 Award for Excellence, in the historic preservation category, from the Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects (VSAIA).


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