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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

Honoring the Student-Athlete

from The Bridge: Fall 2010 issue

Wilson Field TridentW&L has sent a lot of Brookbys into the world. In the first generation, there's Harry E. Brookby '66, in Houston, and Robert G. "Bo" Brookby '72, of Winston-Salem, N.C. Then comes Harry's son, Harry D. Brookby II '00, also of Houston, and Bo's daughter, Mary Beth Brookby Eliason '01, who lives in Orlando, Fla. Presiding over them all is the family matriarch, Wanna Brookby, of Bartlesville, Okla.

When their sons and grandchildren were students and athletes, Mrs. Brookby and her late husband, Harry, loved nothing more than a trip to Lexington to cheer on the Generals. With fond memories of those experiences, mother and sons created the Brookby Family Athletics Awards Ceremony Endowment Funds. The funds support the annual ceremony by underwriting the purchase of the awards, as well as the celebration itself.

"While there is certainly much to be learned in the classroom, there are also countless lessons to be learned in athletic participation," said Harry and Bo, "values such as teamwork, sacrifice, effort and personal lifelong associations, values that are major aspects of a total educational experience as well as preparation for life's inevitable challenges. The Brookby family is pleased to help honor the many dedicated, genuine student-athletes at Washington and Lee."