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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

Enhancing Academic Programs That Foster Learning, Engagement and Character


No curriculum or field of knowledge can remain static if it is to prepare students for their lives and work ahead. Just as Robert E. Lee did during his presidency, the University seeks to engage and challenge its students by supporting innovative programs that are rooted in its core traditions. Gifts to support academic programs that enhance the educational experience of students ensure that they encounter new ideas and perspectives, grow intellectually, add to their stock of experience, and perfect their skills.

To strengthen its academic programs the University seeks to raise $37.5 million through the Honor Our Past, Build Our Future campaign, supporting programs such as:

Refine the communications and technological skills of undergraduates. Washington and Lee aims to offer students focused settings in which to practice and refine skills that are fundamental to a liberal arts education for the 21st century.
Engage undergraduates in their world and future work. Washington and Lee offers students many learning opportunities in non-traditional settings and creative, real-world scenarios that broaden and deepen a liberal arts education.
Engage undergraduates in the campus learning environment. To enhance campus learning outside traditional classroom experiences Washington and Lee offers students many opportunities for intensive interaction with faculty through highly personalized undergraduate advising and programs such first-year seminars; faculty-mentored and independent summer research; and the Science, Society, and the Arts Program.
Enrich the campus residential experience. Residence life counselors play an integral role in the successful transition of first-year students to life at Washington and Lee. Their work with residents plays an important role in students' lives outside of the classroom.
Enrich the campus learning environment. Washington and Lee faculty are teacher-scholars who are committed to providing a vital and innovative curriculum for their students. Their work designing the revitalized Spring Term is a case in point. The faculty took the lead in reimagining this four-week session, developing courses that are inventive, intellectually adventurous, and rigorous.
Develop the skills and professionalism of law students. Washington and Lee is committed to preparing its Law Students to practice the highest Standards of legal ethics and professional.
TOTAL: $37,500,000