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Study Abroad

In general, students who receive financial aid can apply their funding towards a study abroad program. However, the process is not automatic. There are steps the student must take to determine if they will receive aid while studying abroad and to ensure the study abroad institution receives payment.

Receiving Aid for Study Abroad:

  1. Decide on your study abroad program.  You must register for your program through the Center for International Education.
  2. Collect all information about the costs associated with your program.  You are responsible for documenting all costs and should be prepared to provide details for all expenses you expect to incur.
  3. Notify the Financial Aid Office of your intention to study abroad. We will arrange a meeting with you. 
  4. Meet with the Financial Aid Office to review the study abroad award.  Your aid will be adjusted to reflect the actual costs of your program.  However, grant funds are capped at the W&L cost of attendance.
  5. Complete a Refund Request form with the Business Office.  This form will allow for the transfer of your aid from your student account to a private banking account.
  6. Your financial aid is applied to your W&L account. 
  7. Your study abroad credit is transferred to your private banking account.  You will use these funds to make payment directly to your study abroad program or institution.  

Additional Information:

  • It is assumed that your account balance is zero at the time study abroad aid is applied. Any outstanding balance against the account will reduce your study abroad credit.
  • You are expected to pay all deposits, complete any deferments, and make all payment arrangements with the study abroad program or institution.  Washington and Lee will not make payment directly to the other school.