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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

Parents Invest in What's Most Important

from The Bridge: Fall 2009 issue

For Bill and Mary Urquhart, it was an easy decision to create the Abigail Grigsby Urquhart '11 Term Professorship. They have always believed in supporting their children's schools and immediately saw the value of the Lenfest Challenge.

"A university is nothing more than the sum of its people," said Bill Urquhart, "and probably the most important people in a university are its professors. If you can't attract and keep the best and brightest, your children are not going to enjoy as wonderful an experience as the people who have gone before them."

The accessibility of W&L professors has also impressed the Urquharts. "I've met some of Abigail's professors at the Southern Inn and places like that," said Urquhart. "What's really interesting is how they'll just walk up to you and talk to you like an old friend. As someone who went to college in New York City, that kind of Southern hospitality is unique and different to me."

Beyond their support of faculty, the Urquharts are also generous supporters of W&L's Parents Fund. They are chairing the Parents Leadership Council for 2009-10.