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Washington and Lee University

Alumnus & Parent Marshal Foundation Support for W&L

from The Bridge: Fall 2009 issue

Peter Strohm '68 and Valter Must P'08 are law partners in their private practice, but they are also partners in marshaling foundation support for W&L. Both serve as trustees of two New Jersey based foundations. Over the years, they generously assisted W&L with foundation support and have also been flexible in directing the support to W&L's areas of greatest need. Recently they have helped W&L meet the Lenfest Challenge.

Strohm and Must arranged two gifts to W&L to support faculty salaries. Thanks to them, the Florian J. Lombardi Foundation established an endowment for faculty support, intended eventually to fund a term professorship. Also, the A. Findlay Geddes and Mildred K. Geddes Foundation established an endowment that provides salary support for economics faculty.