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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

Funding Priorities

CFR activity is primarily directed toward funding top institutional priorities. At any given time there will also be projects underway that respond to special opportunities, such as foundation RFPs or specific invitations from funders. While some proposals are responsive to these opportunities, funding is never pursued based on opportunity alone. All projects must be of significant value to the institution and must clearly further the university mission.

Current Fundraising Priorities:

Student Support

Fundraising in this area is primarily focused on securing funds for tuition scholarships, as well as funding to allow W&L students from low-income families access to the same resources and opportunities as their peers. This includes scholarship support for study-abroad, and research and internship stipends.

Faculty Support

Funding for professorships, visiting professor series and faculty development is a key to maintaining an outstanding academic program and recruitment of top scholar/ teachers.

Academic Excellence

This category includes funding for curriculum and program development for emerging areas of study as well essential enhancements to bolster existing programs. This includes funding for visiting lecturers, speaker series and material resources. Also included in this category is funding for the renovation of the university library, the academic heart of the campus.

Historic Buildings, Modern Learning

The Colonnade, a designated National Historic Landmark, has been the primary site for teaching and learning at Washington and Lee since 1824. Fundraising is underway both to preserve and restore these beautiful buildings and to equip them to serve the needs of contemporary education.  Fundraising efforts are also underway for the renovation of duPont Hall so that it may host the new Center for Global Learning.  

Environmental Stewardship

This includes all initiatives that are instrumental in W&L's commitment to becoming carbon-neutral by 2050.