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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the campaign start?

The quiet phase of the campaign started July 1, 2008. The public phase of the campaign was launched on October 22, 2010.

How long will the campaign last?

From start to finish, the campaign will last seven years. The last day of the campaign will be June 30, 2015.

What is the fundraising goal of the campaign?

The fundraising goal is $500,000,000.

How were the campaign priorities determined?

The campaign priorities were developed through a long and considered strategic planning process that was first initiated in 2003 by the Board of Trustees and guided by former Provost Tom Williams and trustee emeritus Burt Staniar '69. With input from trustees, faculty, staff, students and alumni, President Ruscio finalized the plan, A Liberal Arts Education for the 21st Century, and it was approved by the Board in May, 2007. President Ruscio, the board and senior university leaders then identified priorities within the strategic plan that could be successfully funded through a campaign. Many conversations occurred over the next three years among the senior administration, the board and key leadership supporters in order to shape and refine these campaign priorities. In sum, the campaign priorities truly stem from the University's best thinking about its future.

Is the strategic plan the same as the campaign plan?

No. Although closely interrelated, the strategic plan has broader objectives and audiences than the campaign plan.

What counts toward the campaign goal?

Most private philanthropic gifts will count in the campaign.

Outright gifts of cash and property, as well as pledges in writing (normally up to five years) count in the campaign, as long as they are made between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2015. Gifts may support any area of the University in order to count in the campaign.


Do planned gifts count in the campaign?

Yes, and W&L's leadership is committed to doubling the number of people who have included W&L in their estate plans. You can participate and become a member of the Doremus Society, by naming W&L as an irrevocable beneficiary of a charitable trust, or arrange a lead trust, gift annuity or pooled income fund with W&L. Documented bequests and other revocable planned gifts from donors age 72 or older or from alumni celebrating their 50th class reunion at the time of the gift will also count towards a goal of $78M for these gifts. A separate goal of $12M has been established for revocable gifts from donors between the age of 50 and 71 at the time of commitment. These gifts include documented bequests, naming W&L as beneficiary of retirement plans or paid up life insurance policies and charitable remainder trusts where W&L is named as a revocable beneficiary.

Do gifts to the Annual Fund count in the campaign?

Yes! The Annual Fund is a major priority of the campaign. Many supporters will participate in the campaign through their gifts to the Annual Fund.

Does the campaign include the Law School?

Yes. The campaign goal includes $35,000,000 specifically for Law School priorities.