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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

List of Endowed Funds

These are a variety of endowed funds established by donors, supporting students, faculty, and other areas of Washington and Lee. Also included herein are scholarships of annual grant. This constitutes the historical record of these funds and their existence at Washington and Lee.

Learn about minimum gifts needed to establish various endowments at Washington and Lee.

  • Deanships, Directorships and Professorships
    These named endowments were established by donors through their significant financial support. The endowments benefit the academic programs of Washington and Lee and recognize exceptional faculty members, program directors, and academic deans.
  • Scholarships, Awards and Prizes
    These scholarships, awards and prizes were established by generous donors to support students attending Washington and Lee, either its undergraduate programs or the School of Law.
  • Historical Benefactions
    This list names the benefactors who befriended Washington and Lee during the period beginning in 1796 and continuing until World War II.
  • Student Loan Funds
    These loan funds were established by donors to provide loans to Washington and Lee students for the purpose of financing their education.
  • Other Endowment Gifts
    These perpetual endowment funds support various areas within the overall academic program of the University. This is a record of endowments given to the University since World War II.