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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

Why Support the Annual Fund?


At Washington and Lee, the everyday, the unexpected and the extraordinary combine to produce great graduates. But providing everyday campus needs, unexpected experiences and extraordinary academic opportunities happens only because preceding generations choose to help make it so.

Alumni who came before you chose not only to pursue honor and academic excellence at W&L, but also to support generations of students to come. You benefitted from their choice to sustain and improve the University. Now, the choice is yours.

Today's students can reach for excellence, if you choose to invest in extraordinary teachers and coaches.

Today's students can learn leadership, if you choose to help them find opportunities and meet challenges.

Today's students can discover a meaningful path if you choose to provide the resources they need to explore their talents and interests.

Choose to do something great today that generations of W&L alumni did for you.

Choose to support the Annual Fund.