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Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University

Why Support the Annual Fund?


In 1796, George Washington made a gift that helped save a struggling academy on the Virginia frontier. The income from his gift still helps underwrite a small portion of every student's tuition today, and the tradition of philanthropy that began with Washington lives on through alumni support of the Annual Fund.

When you give to the Annual Fund, you are ensuring that W&L will remain a top tier liberal arts university, with an exceptional faculty, a beautiful campus, and a diverse and talented student body.

The Annual Fund covers approximately 10 percent of the University's operating budget and helps minimize tuition increases. In fact, your donation contributes to the hidden scholarship that keeps each student's tuition some $4,000 lower than its actual cost.

Because of your gifts, we are able to continue a tradition of educational innovation that dates back to the era of Robert E. Lee's presidency. Today, the Annual Fund gives W&L students the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom as they benefit from foreign travel, internships, research opportunities, and career support services that position them for success in their professions and in their lives.

Washington and Lee remains strong because past generations of alumni have valued the education they received and have invested in the Annual Fund to ensure that the next generation will benefit from the traditions of academic excellence, honor and integrity that shaped their lives.

Without Washington's generosity and Lee's innovations, Washington and Lee would not have become the great university it is today. So we ask you to invest in today's students-for the tangible returns to the University community and the world-by making a gift to the Annual Fund.

Choose to support the Annual Fund.