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Job Description for Class Agents

Summary: On a class by class basis the Class Agent is the principal solicitor of gifts for Washington and Lee through the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund consists solely of unrestricted gifts for current operations from alumni, parents, and friends. Serving as Class Agent is one of the most important ways in which an alumna or alumnus can serve Washington and Lee. The role Class Agents play in the continuing success of the University cannot be underestimated.

Qualifications: Other than enthusiasm for the task, no specific skills are required to serve as Class Agent. Typically, those alumni who have the greatest success in the role are organized and methodical in their work. While no specified level of financial support is associated with the position, it is expected that each Class Agent will participate in the Annual Fund and will make the most thoughtful commitment possible. To effectively solicit others one must first be willing to make a personal investment.


    • Make an Annual Fund commitment prior to All Volunteer Weekend.
    • Make every effort to attend and participate in All Volunteer Weekend each fall.
    • Personally contact assigned classmates through individual phone calls, e-mails, and notes.
    • Work with your staff liaison and fellow agents to create class appeals (one each fall, one each spring) via newsletter or direct mail letter.
    • Encourage increased and sustained support of the Annual Fund.
    • Acknowledge the support of each donor from the class by sending a personal note of thanks.
    • Encourage the completion of pledges by those classmates with outstanding pledge balances.
    • When applicable, manage an associate agent team.
    • Serve as the primary liaison between the associate class agent(s) and the annual giving staff.
    • Delegate tasks, particularly a portion of personal phone calls and e-mails, to associate class agents.


W&L will assist Class Agents by providing timely reporting of all gift activity by class members as well as the status of prospective donors, and those donors with pledge balances.

W&L will provide each Class Agent with all necessary postage stamps as well as a telephone calling card to facilitate all contact with classmates in association with the Annual Fund.

W&L will reimburse the Class Agent for all reasonable expenses incurred during the course of their work for Washington and Lee. Examples of these expenses might include secretarial costs associated with letter generation, and other printing and office fees. W&L will cover cost of hotel and meals during Class Agents Weekend.

The Annual Fund staff will assist in the production of personalized letters, sending blast e-mails, addressing envelopes, and other tasks upon request.

If you are interested in becoming a class agent, please contact Skylar Beaver, Director of the Annual Fund, at, or 540-458-8126.